The Projects: Solo projects (to the exception of NIMBA which is a full collaboration with                                                    Nowick Gray) created a few decades ago that are still active through
                                     new audio and video recordings.
                                     The genres and styles of music in each project covers a wide spectrum ranging                                         from Ambient to Electronica to World Fusion.
                                      Also included in the Projects is the history of "e", which will be devolted to the                                            various musical evolutions, explorations, involvments and at times obscure                                                incarnations of your host, from the early age of 5 to now.

BullDog Meditation
InVisible 12
                                 The Story of.. e

The Satellites: Collaborative participation with different bands with musical flavours and styles                                           ranging  from Absolute Improvisation to Funky Lounge Jazz to
                                        "New-Age" World-Trance...

Strange Moon
Lake Asylum

The Network :  My involvement with various business ventures ranging from
                                      audio/video recording & editing,
                                      music production, 
                                      graphic and web design,
                                      creation and distribution of original fragrances, beauty products
                                      and pure essential oils

Neptune Multimedia
Genie In a Bottle

Watch, Listen...: Media central where you can access to all the audio & videos content                                                         available on  this Nerwok, plus various links and contact info

Contact & Links

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